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User's FAQ's

Is Gombolola free to use?

Gombolola is free to use for all users. Present features of Gombolola, Discovery and Loyalty are free to use and will forever be free. 

Do i have to log into Facebook to use Gombolola Loyalty?

Gombolola Loyalty works with Facebook to enable you show gratitude to the African businesses where you get your rewards/discounts from by posting about them on your Facebook wall after each 3rd visit to the business. That way, your friends and their friends can find more African businesses around them. 

What cities is Gombolola live in presently?

Gombolola is presently live in the following UK cities: London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling. 
We will be going live in Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Liverpool before the end of 2017. The dream is to get Gombolola live in every major city outside Africa and we will be sending out notifications for every new city we add to this list.

Can i add businesses around me to Gombolola even if they are not mine?

Yes please! 

This is the whole idea behind Gombolola. We are looking forward to a future where every African business, service and person outside Africa can be found and connected via Gombolola and we can only get there when we all add African businesses around us to Gombolola. 
You can add businesses to Gombolola from the ‘Add to Gombolola’ tab in the User area or on the Home Page.

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About Us

Gombolola is a mobile solution from The Fingersfingers company Glasgow.  Fingersfingers Ltd is dedicated to creating innovative mobile solutions to proven African painpoints globally. Learn more here.


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