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The Gombolola App. Mobile marketing made easy for African businesses.

People search for your services daily, we bring them to you and we keep them coming back.

There thousands of people searching daily for African businesses like yours. We know they can’t find you online using regular search engines because like them, we have also tried. So we built Gombolola to make it easy for you to expose your business to more customers, turn them into loyal customers and keep bringing them back to you.

No IT skills required

Unlike creating and managing website, with Gombolola you do not require any technical knowledge to create an instant online presence for your business. You can now get found online with no IT skills required.

Mobile Online Presence

Gombolola gives you an instant mobile online presence complete with all the information needed to tell customers about what you do, where you can be found, how to reach you, type of payment accepted in your business etc. All in less than 10 mins.

Geo Location Discovery

With Gombolola customers discover your business based on how near they are to you. They can also do a search and find you even if you are not so near them. It is the perfect tool for new customers to find you.

User Reviews

Gombolola comes complete with a business review area so customers can spread the word about how awesome your services were and give you ratings too. This way you can always get feedback on how your customers feel.

Easy and fast updates

Updating your business on Gombolola is fast and easy. You can change or add up to 5 images for your business, update your contact details or new business address all without needing a website manager.

Gombolola Loyalty

With Gombolola you can take advantage of Gombolola Loyalty to create loyal customers by offering reward and discounts to your most consistent and loyal customers. This will increase your customer numbers and attract new customers too.

Gombolola Loyalty

With Gombolola Loyalty your business is about to get a major boost!
Drive new customers to your business, watch them come back to you regularly and also bring their friends with them.

Gombolola Loyalty Features

Increased Visibility

With Gombolola Loyalty, your business gets priority visibility on the Gombolola app. With a dedicated view for Loyalty giving businesses, customers will find you before your competitors without Gombolola Loyalty.

Unlimited Facebook Mentions

Gombolola Loyalty turns your loyal customers into personal advertisers for your business on Facebook. On each 3rd visit to your store the app posts a short message on their fall mentioning your business to hundred of their friends on Facebook. Facebook marketing has never been done this easy.

Create Your Own Rewards

With Gombolola Loyalty you are free to create your own reward scheme within a 3 stage reward cycle. You can choose to reward your customers every time they come to your store or you can give them a lump discount on their 3rd visit. You have the freedom to decide.

No Contracts

Unlike most loyalty marketing tools out there, Gombolola costs only £20 per month and does not tie you down to a 12 months contract. You can cancel at anytime within your 30 days billing cycle.

Gombolola Partners

At Gombolola we don’t online provide ways you can turbo charge your business marketing using Gombolola, we can also help push your business forward outside Gombolola without any extra cost to you. Interested? Fill in the short form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Coming soon to London and the rest of the UK.

Gombolola will be available for both Apple and Android devices on launch. We are currently in test mode in Scotland with a full launch coming soon to London first, then the rest of the UK. Do you want your business on Gombolola Loyalty once we launch? Use the form below to contact us and we will back to you within 24hours.

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Talk to us.

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About Us

Gombolola is a mobile solution from The Fingersfingers company Glasgow.  Fingersfingers Ltd is dedicated to creating innovative mobile solutions to proven African painpoints globally. Learn more here.


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