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Business Owner Faq's

How much does Gombolola Loyalty Cost?

For just £20 per month, Gombolola Loyalty super charges mobile marketing for your business. That is so much savings for your pockets compared to creating a website, maintaining a website, maintaining your Search Engine Optimisation, Social media adverts etc. Did we mention you need no technical skills to expose your business via Gombolola Loyalty? 
Mobile marketing for businesses has never been this easy.

Do i really unlimited mentions on Facebook using Gombolola Loyalty?

On the 3rd visit to your store, each Gombolola Loyalty user visiting your store will need to allow the app send a short message about your business to their public Facebook wall. This will lead to hundreds of their friends and families finding out about your business and coming over to repeat the same process. This leads to unlimented mentions for you on Facebook. Talk about Facebook marketing been so easy and so affordable via Gombolola Loyalty.

What cities is Gombolola live in presently?

Gombolola is presently live in the following UK cities: London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling. 
We will be going live in Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Liverpool before the end of 2017. The dream is to get Gombolola live in every major city outside Africa and we will be sending out notifications for every new city we add to this list.

Can i add more than one business to Gombolola Loyalty?

Yes you can. 

If you have more than one business you can subscribe each one seperately to Gombolola Loyalty and enjoy the benefits of creating loyal custormers for all your businesses. 

Can i pause my Gombolola Loyalty subscription?

Yes you can. 
At anytime within your 30 days rolling contract you can cancel your subscription, but you will still need to reward your Gombolola Loyalty customers within that period until the 30 days contract expires.

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About Us

Gombolola is a mobile solution from The Fingersfingers company Glasgow.  Fingersfingers Ltd is dedicated to creating innovative mobile solutions to proven African painpoints globally. Learn more here.


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