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The Gombolola App. Find everything African around you.

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Keeping you connected with everything African outside Africa.

With Gombolola you will never feel lost or home sick when ever you travel to a new city outside Africa. Gombolola helps you find and connect with everything African around you.


Get Discounts.


Most African businesses based outside Africa are not on your regular search engines. Gombolola helps you find and connect with them. With Gombolola you can find African Restaurants, Cooks, Salons, Barbers, Stores, Shipping Agents, Professional service providers and lots more.


To make Gombolola even more awesome, we added Gombolola Loyalty which enables you get discounts from African businesses you are most loyal to. We all love discounts and every little savings helps so with Gombolola, you can now save a little something and get rewarded for using African businesses around you.


With Gombolola we are all connected as a community. Add African businesses around you to Gombolola, that way people can find them whenever they are in your area. This helps Gombolola grow quickly and more African services will be available online for free. Go on, add African businesses around you via the user area on the Gombolola app.

Gombolola Discounts - How does it work?

  • Find a Gombolola Loyalty business on the Gombolola App.
  • Get rewards each time you visit or on the 3rd visit depending on the business.
  • On your 3rd visit, the app asks for your permission to post a short appreciation message for the reward giving business on your Facebook wall. That way, your friends can find the business and get their discounts too.
    Spread the love today and tell your friends!

Now in Scotland.Coming soon to London and the rest of the UK.

We are currently in test mode in Scotland with a full launch coming soon to London first, then the rest of the UK. The dream is to get Gombolola working in every major city outside Africa and we can only do this with you help. Look out for our launch announcement soon.

Own An African Business?

Gombolola is mobile marketing made easy and affordable for the African business owner. You don’t need any technical skills and you can start marketing your business to people looking for you in 5 mins. Click the button below to find out more.

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About Us

Gombolola is a mobile solution from The Fingersfingers company Glasgow.  Fingersfingers Ltd is dedicated to creating innovative mobile solutions to proven African painpoints globally. Learn more here.


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